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salustra health supplements
Fortifica, part of the range of salustra health supplements
Licentia, part of the range of salustra health supplements
Vitalia, part of the range of salustra health supplements


Introducing Salustra

A premium health supplement product range designed to provide the ultimate blend of energy, muscle fuel and immune support.

Salustra has a symbiotic relationship between all the ingredients which works with each individual's needs. It can support better cardiovascular health, boost levels of anti-oxidants, drive better blood supply throughout the body, assist recovery in training and improve your mental and physical energy.


Licentia for bone health, as an anti-inflamatory, to repair and rejuvenate all connective tissue, for joint health and the lubrication of joints.

Joint & bone support.

Fortifica supports and strengthens the immune system and is effective in alleviating a wide range of ailments, from cancer, respiratory ailments, skin conditions and bacterial and parasitic infections

Immune support

Alkaline water helps with the elimination of toxins from the body. It is proven that by keeping your body alkalized you are protecting yourself from major illnesses.


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