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The Name “Salustra” is a combination of the Latin words “Salus” and “Ultra”:

Salus meaning: Health, Safety and Well-being and Ultra meaning: More, More Than and In Addition to.

These two words perfectly epitomise what the Company stands for, ‘Complete long-term Health and Well-being Solutions’.


The Company

Salustra is registered in Ireland and is a high quality nutritional and supplement company. We Design, Formulate and Develop unique revolutionary products that are specifically targeted to support and maintain the health of the body. We offer complete product solutions and health plans for your long-term well-being.


Knowledge & Experience

Salustra’s expert and guiding force behind our products, has over 28 years of experience as an Holistic Practitioner. Respected by professional athletes, dancers and the general public, his nutritional advice and solutions has been sort by world champions.

His research, knowledge and comprehension of the human body, how it works, and the combination of ingredients and in what quantities help to repair it, Salustra’s revolutionary products are the result of years of research, design, formulation and development.


Lifestyle Products

Our modern lifestyles and poor diet are major contributing factors in obesity, low immune system, calcification of joints and lack of energy, are all present day issues requiring 21st century solutions.

Salustra’s products are designed and formulated so that you can succeed with your personal wellness goals. They are long-term solutions not quick fixes, which inevitably can contribute to other health issues further down the line. We value your health, our nutritional and personal well-being products are designed to work in harmony with the body and each other.


Production & Manufacturing

The nutrition and supplement sector is evolving at such a rate that no one individual company can keep up with all of the advances being made in the technology of ingredients, machinery and packaging.

Salustra made the decision to research the best and most reputable companies in their specific fields in the industry sector. Through continued assessment and specific high quality controls, we have selected the key companies we wish to partner with. All of our suppliers are strictly regulated and meet with the highest standards and all stringent EU food and supplement protocols and approvals.

This way we can guarantee the highest quality at every step and ensure we have the flexibility to take advantage of any technological advances being made in the future to enhance our products and service.


Salustra's Aims

• To achieve remarkable success with advanced formulations

• Continual research, product testing and development

• Commit to uncompromising quality in our products

• To provide customers with support they can count on to help them succeed

• Meet our customers' nutritional and well-being needs

• Promote and focus on lasting long-term success rather than short term gains

• Ethical business practices and principles of integrity, quality and stability


“It's a fact that each generation is living longer and as a consequence we are all searching for solutions to maintaining a healthy work, life balance whilst trying to provide our bodies with all they need to sustain our health and well-being throughout life’s journey.

We believe that the search is over, the solution is Salustra, advanced revolutionary products, promoting better health, greater fitness and energy that gives the great feeling of Rejuvenation and Regeneration. We will give your body the tools it needs to work harmoniously, so you can live the life you want”.